The Race Zone

Junior Racers

A specially made track and cars for the 6 to 9 year olds to experience the thrill of racing. Driver must be at least 46″ – 52″ tall.


Have fun on our Intermediate track!! This track is made for 8 & 9 Year old drivers that are at least 52″ tall.

Go Karts

Buckle up and zoom around the tracks – one tries for the best lap time. Driver must be 10 years old or up and at least 52″ tall.

Speed Racers

Gear up and hone your maneuvering skills as you race these cars around the track. Requirements: Age 12 years and up. At least 58” tall.

Two Seater

Put the Pedal to the Metal! Must be at least 12 years old and 58″ tall to drive. Passenger must be at least 6 years old and 42″ tall to ride.